Our Extended Capabilities

Our Extended Capabilities

Rubber Lining

SHENGG™’s inventory includes a wide range of Rubber Linings used for protection against metal corrosion and chemicals. These fully bonded, vulcanized linings are used for equipment encountering arduous conditions including Corrosion, Chemical Attack, Abrasion & Wear, Weathering, Acids or Alkalis, Sea Water and River Water.

Rubber linings are cut to size and applied by hand from un-vulcanized rubber sheets. The rubber lined parts are then vulcanized, the heat and steam reacts with the bonding systems and the rubber to create an extremely aggressive bond to the steel.

We offer a wide range of rubber lining materials such as Hard Ebonite, Soft natural Rubber, Neoprene, Nitrile, Butyl, ect.


  • Desalination equipment
  • Storage tanks
  • Hoppers
  • Piping spool
  • Filter/ Strainer plates, etc.

Strip Cladding / Weld Overlay

For added productivity and cost benefits, we provide strip cladding and weld overlay work for process equipment, flange face, piping line, etc. We offer wide range of alloy materials including Inconel 625, Inconel 825, SS 316L & 304L as overlay materials by using Electro Slag Strip cladding (ESW).


Blasting & Painting

Our highly skilled workforce aided by appropriate tools can provide blasting and painting services for internal and external surfaces of pipe spools, structural assembly, pressure vessels and tanks as per customer requirement.


Desalination Plants

In order to ensure uninterrupted and successful operation of desalination plants, SHENGG offers a flexible and diversified approach. We have the expertise, equipment and skilled manpower to design, fabricate and assemble plants of different capacities at site. We can also pre-assemble plants in modular form with a wide range of process equipment, such as gas fired heaters, furnaces and evaporators (MSF & MED type) in all types of materials.