Custody Transfer / Fiscal Metering Skids and Analyzer House


Fully Integrated Flow Measurement Solutions for Custody Transfer Fiscal and Allocation Metering Applications of both Fluid & Gas Hydrocarbon.

Overall project responsibility for the system, including Metering Skid, Analyzers, and Flow Computer integrated into the Metering Control Cabinet, with all Supervisory and Validation software.

We have dedicated team of engineers & technicians, plus affiliation with major OEMs and fully equipped engineering facility to serve the Oil & Gas customers in IMEA region; our design, engineering, assembly & testing facilities are in UAE and Sales & Service agents in all major IMEA countries. 

Core philosophy for fiscal metering solutions reflects a partnership approach with leading OEMs for major components e.g. Flow Meter, Flow Computer, Gas Chromatograph, Analyzers, Sampling System, PLC/SCADA system to develop and implement the state-of-the-art technology based solutions , in accordance to customer specifications, AVL, FDS, and local & international codes & standards.

We cover both conventional and latest state-of-art metering techniques; with the design expertise and up to date knowledge of the latest metering technology, we offer competitive solutions to meet the project specific Gas metering requirements based on:

  • 01 Orifice meters 

  • 02 Gas Ultrasonic Flow meters

  • 03 Venturi meters

Other products including

Metering systems are often designed as a master-duty configuration, where a Z-cross over allows periodical verification of the duty meters against the master meter. This set-up reduces costs, weight and footprint – as a high-end bulky Prover is no longer required. We can also offer a range of Mobile and Ball Provers for custody transfer metering in cases on-site Prover is required.

Design of Metering Package generally have provision for interface with Plant Automation, Asset Maintenance & Management, ERP and IOT/ Digitalization systems to meet current & future needs of customer. 

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