Oil Loading/ Unloading & Batch Control and Metering Systems for Trucks, Rails & Ships


We make fully Integrated Oil Loading/ Unloading, Batch Control and Metering Systems for Trucks, Rails & Ships. Packages for liquid hydrocarbon are modular in design to adapt required components from various tier1 OEMs.

Our design & engineering team and facilities for fabrication, assembly & integrated testing are fully capable to customize the solutions to fit customer specific needs at optimized prices & delivery schedule, without compromising on HSEQ and local/ international codes & standards. 

Our systems are designed to accurately measure and sample the various hydrocarbon liquids with various viscosities. The design and manufacture of Oil metering systems utilizes both conventional and  latest technology in fiscal and allocation metering which includes:

  • 01 Turbine Meters

  • 02 Positive Displacement Meters

  • 03 Liquid Ultrasonic Flow meters

  • 04 Coriolis Meters

Integrated custody transfer metering system includes Inlet Basket Strainers, Air Eliminators, PD/ Turbine/ Liquid USM/ Coriolis flow meters, Back Pressure Control Valve, Suction/Discharge Piping, Isolation Valves, Loading/ Unloading Arm, PROVER (to calibrate and prove the accuracy of the flow meters supplied) Sampling System, Batch Controller/ Flow computer and Other I&C components; all the components are carefully selected for a smart design to minimize the in-field assembly work.

Our designs have the provision for an interface with Plant Automation, Asset Maintenance & Management, ERP and IOT/Digitalization systems to meet current & future needs of customer. 

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