Skid & Piping Packages


SHENGG is a leader in the provision of modular process systems for heavy industries. We offer precise skid-mounted units customized for your needs through our advanced workshop infrastructure. Our services include:
  • Manufacturing skid frames
  • Installation of vessels, pumps, process equipment, valves
  • Instrumentation (E&I)
  • Electrical installations
  • Insulation
  • Reproofing and painting
We undertake turnkey pipe work system design and installation services with diverse industrial applications. Our pipework systems for high pressure pipelines, cooling water, hydraulic control systems, and fire fighting systems are offered in a wide range of specialist materials, including ferrous and non-ferrous tubing.

Types of packages

Our state of the art facility broadens our scope to serve our customers better with a variety of engineering requirements.

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Inlet Well Head Manifold Pig Launcher & Receiver Separator Package Surge Tank Package
Indirect Water Bath Heater
Steam Heat Exchanger
Knock out Drum
De-Salter / Heater Treater
Degasser with skid mounted package.
Hydro cyclone vessel with skid package.
De-Sander, Accumulator & Sand Filtration Unit
Filtration Vessel with skid package
Burner Boom
Refrigeration package
Pneumatic conveying system package
Flare system
Chemical Injection Skid
Loading arm for truck loading
Metering Skid
Conditioning & Pressure Reduction Skid
Liquid Transfer Pump Skid
Manifold – Oil, Gas & Water
Upstream components like SSV/ESD / Choke Manifold skids.
Tool Rack & Basket
Frac tank & Storage tanks
Liquid Mud Plant Tank with Complete package
Power Piping & Pipe Spools.
Components with API Monogram
Exploration, Well Testing and Cementing Equipment Packages (on/off shore) on certified skids or as a trailer mounted packages
Choke manifold (15k, 10k & 5k)
2/3 Phase Test / Production separator skid (1440 /2160/700/300 Psi)
Non separation multi Phase skid
Zone Rated Lab Cabins
Line Heater skid (5k &10k)
Indirect water bath heater skid (5k & 10k)
Surge Tank skid (50 /150psi, 100/50BBL)
Cyclonic Sand Separator Skid (15k, 10k & 5k)
Cementing batch mixture skid
Hydro cyclone Skid
KO drum Skid
Flare stack (foldable type, hydraulic power operated)
FracTanks (400 /500bbl), semi trailer, 40 /20 ft container type
3 Phase Production & separation package skids (Stage I, II & III).
Pump skid
Oil and gas Manifold
Inter connecting piping and crossovers
Plate heat exchangers
Slug Catcher skid
BOP skid/ BOP Spares
ESD system
Trailer Mounted Skids
Power/Process/Chemical Plants
Atmospheric Storage tanks
Chemical storage and transportation tanks
Distillation columns
Glycol regeneration skid
Pressure / process / filtration vessels
Gas dehydration skids
Pressure Piping
Early/Production Facilities (Portable/Permanent)