High Integrity Pressure Protection Systems (HIPPS)


We develop fully Integrated “HIPPS (High Integrity Pressure Protection System) or IOPSS (Instrumented Overpressure Safety System)” to prevent over-pressure from hydrocarbon source (Wellhead/ Reservoir) by shutting-off the source of the high pressure. The HIPPS/ IOPSS is designed and built in accordance with the IEC-61508 and IEC-61511 standards or the API14C standard.

A HIPPS/ IOPSS is a Complete Functional Loop consisting of:

they detect the high pressure and can be electronic (PTs with HIMBs or mechanical (Pressure Switches)

found in electronic HIPPS/ IOPSS, which processes the inputs from the initiators to an output to the final elements (fast Shutdown SDV x2)  

They actually perform the corrective actions by safe shut down of the process. The final element consists of Valve + Hydraulics/ Pneumatic Actuator x2 with Fire Proofing, SOVs, Valve position feedback switches and partial stroke testing (PST) device.

Solar Power with Battery Storage & Inverter and Hydraulic Power Unit for SDV Actuator (as site specific option).

We are single point of contact for the supply of complete integrated HIPPS/ IOPSS package. We select final and initiating elements of HIPPS/IOPSS from proven OEMs following customer AVL, then evaluate and apply the Certified TÜV Rheinland failure rates (available on www.certipedia.com) in accordance to project specification, from basic design at bidding stage till detailed design during execution of project. Certified Functional Safety Engineers perform the integration of the complete SIS loop.

As required by IEC-61508 and IEC-61511 – Functional Safety Management System (FSM) is third party certified and have SIS components SIL certified. The field proven failure rates for both clean and unclean fluids are all from safety applications with 02 seconds stroking time.

Our core philosophy for HIPPS/ IOPSS solutions reflects a partnership approach with below mentioned OEMs, to adapt and comply with customer specifications, AVL, FDS, and local & international codes & standards.

We can supply SIL-2 or SIL-3 or SIL-4 Logic Solver using Safety System HW & SW from affiliated partners (OEMs), with Industrial Laptop “Engineering Station” and door mounted “Matrix/HMI display” in IP54 (for shelter installation) or IP66 (for field installation) enclosure. As per site specific requirement Solar Panels with battery storage & Inverter and Hydraulic Power Unit for SDV Actuator can also added in offered package.

Design of HIPPS/ IOPSS Package generally have provision for interface with Plant DCS/ ICSS/ SCADA, Asset Maintenance & Management, ERP and IOT/ Digitalization systems to meet current & future needs of customer. 

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