Skid based Solutions for Chemical Injection, Pumps & Blower and Fuel Treatment


We have fully Integrated Skid based Modular Solutions for:

  • 01 Chemical Injection for Oil & Gas Treatment

  • 02 Pumps & Blower for Oil & Gas Treatment

  • 03 Fuel Treatment and Chemical Dosing for Power Generation

Solution design, selection of components i.e. metering & dosing pumps, chemical injector, control & monitoring systems, solar system are from leading OEMs and tested at state-of-art facility for integration, assembly & testing.

Package solutions are designed for the harsh operational conditions of Oil & Gas fields and Power & Water plants in IMEA region; it serves many applications – including corrosion & hydrate formation inhibitors, biocides, pH control, drag reducer, defoamer, and sodium hypochlorite etc. We serve customers in following industry sectors of IMEA region:

  • 01 Oil & Gas producers, Petrochemical Plants and Refineries,

  • 02 Fuel treatment and Water Treatment at Power Generation,

  • 03 Water Desalination and Transmission & Distribution Pumping Stations

  • 04 Solid Waste and Sewage Water Treatment Plants.

We have full insight into the trials faced by process/ production engineers at customer’s site. Our process/design engineers can assist you in the design & engineering of the processes that will optimize the production at the best ROI.


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